09.05.13 / News

PLI Successfully Completes 2013 AS9100 Surveillance Assessment

Phoenix Logistics was one of the first Arizona based firms to be certified to Revision C of the AS9100 standard in 2012 and recently passed its 2013 annual Surveillance Assessment. PLI continues to improve and mature its internal processes and welcomes both customer and ISO audits as a chance to gain external feedback for further improvement.

PLI’s quality management operation is fully integrated into its ERP system. Risk mitigation, internal audits, sub-tier control, product realization, quality control, configuration control, customer requirement flow-down, calibration, maintenance, data analysis, management reviews, and more are handled within the system. The real-time nature of the system allows for in-process quality data to be collected at the operator level and allows for instant analysis of data to address quality issues at their source. Since integrating our quality tracking within the ERP system we have seen a 7% improvement in our product and process compliance.

PLI also recently updated it’s ISO Scope statement to better reflect the breadth of work we do in active and passive electronic components, systems, and sub-systems. The new scope statement is:

Design, Development, Manufacturing and Test of Passive and Active Electronic Interconnects, Components, and Sub Systems