Skunkape Works

Innovation at Our Core

Phoenix Defense succeeds through a commitment to engineering and manufacturing innovation. Teamwork and agility allow us to thrive.

Creativity through Engineering

We’ve moved beyond our beginnings as a maker of wire harnesses, buses and other aerospace components, though we remain committed to maintain and build upon our legacy of product innovation. Creativity brought us into engineering, field training, software, simulation and other sectors serving defense, government and industry customers.

We’re dedicated to maintaining our creative culture and decided we must be even more systematic to accomplish that goal. That brings us to SkunkApe Works.

Skunkape Works

Phoenix Defense’s dedicated innovation lab is led by CTO Barry Clinger and focuses on developing highly technical products and solutions that meet — or get out in front of — emerging customer requirements and concepts. It draws on the culture and technical backbone of our company and team to make technical leaps forward.

Now, how about that name? It’s a playful combination inspired by the legendary Lockheed Martin innovation lab and the mythical legendary SkunkApe, the hairy and stinky Florida version of the Northwest bigfoot.

Yes, the SkunkApe Works team hears plenty of jokes. But, as we say at Phoenix Defense, we do serious work but we have serious fun.