08.22.11 / News

PLI Completes CMS Laser Implementation

PLI Completes CMS Laser Implementation

Phoenix Logistics, Inc. has completed installation of a custom built CMS laser marking machine which is now fully operational. The laser marking machine gives PLI the ability to mark, measure, strip, and cut wire for complex aerospace wire harness production in a fully automated and computer controlled process. The system is fully compliant with SAE Aerospace standards.

PLI’s new wire laser marking machine provides the following benefits to our customers:

  • Repeatability – ID location and workmanship
  • Removal of markers reducing wire diameter, easing harness installation, and providing weight savings to the platform
  • Ability to provide more information directly on the wire
  • Increased flexibility especially on short cables
  • Markings that are not affected by grease, hydraulic fluid etc.
  • Strip with zero defects/damage to the wire core
  • Permanent, high contrast surface marks without damage

Please contact our Sales or Engineering teams for more information on how our laser wire marking system can benefit your platform.

Phoenix Logistics Laser Wire Marking replaces markers
Phoenix Logistics Laser Wire cutting and stripping