06.20.18 / News

Phoenix Logistics Expands in Orlando

Phoenix Logistics, Inc. (PLI) is excited to announce the continued expansion of our Orlando, FL presence with the opening of a 10,000 sq. ft. mixed use office facility in Research Commons on Science Drive. The facility is the new Orlando home for PLI Executive Leadership, Program Management, Engineering, Logistics and Business Development. PLI has configured the facility to include a computer hardware and software development lab and material handling warehouse designed to support delivery of multiple Logistics, IT and services contracts. PLI’s rapid expansion and increased footprint in Orlando will enable PLI to efficiently combine all aspects of program management and supporting business functions in one location focused on program execution, customer support and pursuit of strategic growth expanding our current logistics and services offerings into engineering and manufacturing opportunities. PLI’s Orlando Business Area Manager, Greg Williamitis, stated, “This move literally places PLI on the map in Orlando and sets the stage for continued success.” Williamitis went on to say, “Our professional staff has grown commensurate with our program success and this move demonstrates PLI’s commitment and investment in the Simulation and Training industry. PLI selected this location for the close proximity to the Army, Navy and Air Force Acquisition Activities, as well as for the potential to expand into additional spaces as we continue to grow and develop our offerings and deploy increased PLI capability into the Orlando market space.