08.31.10 / News

Introducing the Anti-Rotate TNC Connector

Phoenix Logistics is pleased to announce its newly developed front-end field replaceable Anti-Rotate RF Microwave connector.  The PLI solution is a simple and easy to use connector that eliminates the need for lockwire/safety wire that can lead to potential FOD in an aircraft.  The PLI anti-rotate microwave connector maintains the required torque to ensure that the connector interface remains fully engaged throughout the operational profile that any aircraft may experience.

The PLI solution features a lock-collar mechanism that once engaged prevents rotation of the coupling nut.   This design results in time savings during the initial cable assembly installation by eliminating lockwire and the associated equipment necessary to install it.  The size and weight of this TNC connector assembly are similar with standard TNC connectors and maintains full function in harsh and/or high vibration environments.  Additionally, the PLI anti-rotate RF connector provides an easily visible indication that the locking mechanism is engaged.

Finally, if the connector is damaged on the aircraft, rather than replacing the entire assembly, the front end of this connector can easily be replaced in the field.  These connectors are available as either straight or 90° plugs and besides the TNC series are also available in SMA, and N connectors, and are compatible with a variety of cables and cable sizes.  For more information, download the AR Cut Sheet and contact Phoenix Logistics.