Riptide Software


Riptide Software was originally founded in 1991 and has grown to be one of the most capable software development companies in the nation. Identified as Central Florida’s best company to work for in 2018, Riptide is home to some of the best minds in modeling and simulation. Riptide Software supports prime and subcontracts across the simulation and training spectrum with major prime contracts including One Semi Automated Force (OneSAF), Combined Arms Command and Control Training Upgrade System (CACCTUS), Targetry Range Automated Command and Recording (TRACR) and Supporting Arms Virtual Trainer (SAVT). Like Phoenix Logistics, LLC, Riptide supports US Army PEO STRI in Orlando, FL. In addition, Riptide Software supports Marine Corps Training System (TRASYS) in Orlando, FL and various major subcontracts including Consolidated Product-line Management (CPM) and Lifecycle Product-line Management (LCPM).